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Lenox Energy Storage 6.0KW 48V-L-SP-Hybrid - GrowattPK

Lenox Energy Storage 6.0KW 48V-L-SP-Hybrid GrowattPK inverter

Lenox Energy Storage 6.0KW 48V-L-SP-Hybrid

  • Compatible with all most all 48V - Life PO4 Battery Pack
  • External light indicator, logging status at a glance.
  • Plug and play, pick power within inverter, no external power needed, easy to install
  • IP65 water-proof design, reistant to bad weather, enhance stability
  • External design, easier to replace faulty equipment
  • End-user can monitor yields at any time.
Specifications - Lenox Energy Storage 6.0KW 48V-L-SP-Hybrid
Max. DC input power (W) 8000W
Max PV input voltage (V) 500V
Starting voltage 150V
PV input voltage range 150V-500V
MPPT voltage range 120V-430V
MPPT quantity 2
Max string quantity to each MPPT group 1
Max input current 18A/18A
Rating output power 6000W
Maximum output apparent power 6000VA
Max output current 27A
Rating grid voltage 230V
Rating grid frequency 50HZ
Total current waveform distortion rate <3%(Rating Power)
DC component <0.5% In
Power factor range >0.99@Full Power (Adjustable range 0.8 Lead~0.8 Lag)
Max output power 4500W
Rating output voltage 230V
Rating output frequency 50Hz (60Hz Optional)
UPS switching time <20 ms
Total harmonic distortion (linear load) <3^
Overload capacity 110%, 30S/120%, 10/150% 80 ms
Voltage range 41.6V-58.5V
Max charging current 140A (PV & AC Hybrid Charging)
Max discharging current 140A
Battery type Lithium Battery / Lead Battery
Communication interface RS485/CAN
Max efficiency 98%
European efficiency 97%
Max discharge efficiency 95%
MPPT efficiency 99.90%
IP inclosure IP65
Noise <35dB
Ambient temperature -25 C-60°C
Cooling mode Natural Cooling
Ambient humidity 0-95% non-condensing
Altitude Node rating below2000m
Shutdown selfpower consumption <3W
Shutdown selfpower consumption <3W
Display LCD
Communication RS485/USB/CAN/Wif(GPRSoptional)
Certificate lEC62109-1, JEC62109-2. EN61000-6-1. EN61000-1-3VDE-AR-N4105,EN50549,G99,CEI-021 ASINZS4777.2.RD1699 (UNE206006IN:2011/UNE206007.11N:2013/UNE217002:20201
Warranty 5 Years (Standard) (TERMS AND CONDITION APPLY))
SizeL*W*H 580mmx350mmx230mm
Install Method Wall mounted
Weight 23.5 KG
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