O Series (1500) - GrowattPK

O Series (1500) growattpk inverter

O Series (1500)

  • Simulated sine wave 90%
  • Battery Equalization
  • Hybrid setting functional with 3 buttons
  • Boosted buck charging with (AVR)
  • Voltage operate 95 volts 285 Volts
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Automatic line-to-battery switch over
  • Selectable input voltage ranges
  • Rack design and wall mounted design for flexable installation
  • Provides overload protection
  • Auto restart while AC recovery
  • Multi-function LED/LCD indications and buzzer alarm
  • High efficient DC-to-AC conversion, minimizing enrgy loss
  • Intelligent 4-Stage charge control for efficient charging and preventing overcharge
  • Cost-effective as compare to Generator multiple protection : Low battery alarm, Low battery shutdown, Overcharge voltage shitdown, Overload alarm, Overload shutdown, Over temprature shutdown, short circuit shutdown
Specifications - O Series (1500)
Operating Temprature Range 0-5°C
Solar Charger Mode
Charger Controller 60 ADC
Solar Sported +950W
Max Solar Voltage 55 VDC
Inverter Mode
Rated Power 1500VA / 1050W
DC Input 12VDC / 70.0A
AC Output 230VAC, 50HZ, 4.7AØ
AC Charger Mode
AC Output 230VAC, 50HZ, 4.7AØ
DC Input 14.5VDC, 20/10A
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